Mathematics and Statistics Colloquia

Colin Adams, Williams College
"Whatever Supersizing your Knot Invariants"
"Stick Numbers for Satellite Knots"

Olga R. Beaver, Williams College
"Singular Functions"

Carsten Botts, Williams College
"An Alternative Algorithm for Sampling From the Truncated Normal Distribution"

Edward Burger, Williams College
"Collapsing Periods for Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Continued Fractions"

Elizabeth Denne, Amherst College
"The Geometry of Knots"

Satyan Devadoss, Williams College
"Space of Particle Collisions"

Stefan Forcey, Tennessee State University
"How to Draw a Multiplihedron"

Thomas Garrity, Williams College
"On Thermodynamics and Diophantine Approximations"

William M. Gentry, Williams College
"Tax Sheltering: Geographic Evidence from Zip-Code Data"

Brent Heeringa, Williams College
"Exact and Approximation Algorithms for Synchronizing Automata"

Peter Hislop, University of Kentucky
"The Mathematics and Physics of Electrons in Solids"

Benjamin Howard, University of Michigan
"The Moduli Space of Polygons in Euclidean Space"

Stewart Johnson, Williams College
"Chattering and Relaxed Controls: Cyclic Approximation to Stasis"

Rafe Jones, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Prime Divisors of Recurrence Sequences"

Bernhard Klingenberg, Williams College
"Dose Estimation Under Model Uncertainty"

Susan Loepp, Williams University
"Excellent Unique Factorization Domains"
"Hypersurfaces, Complete Intersections and Completions"

Steven Miller, Williams College
"The Pythagorean Won-Loss Formula in Baseball: An Introduction to Statistics and Modeling"

Frank Morgan, Williams College
"Partitions, Densities, and Canadians (with 2007 SMALL Geometry Group)"
"The Levy-Gromov Isoperimetric Inequality"
"Isoperimetric Comparison Theorems and Manifolds with Density"
"Twenty Years of the SMALL Undergraduate Research Project"

Ram Murty, Queen's University
"Are e and pi Related?

Allison Pacelli, Williams College
"Indivisibility of Class Numbers"

Bruce Palka, The National Science Foundation and the University of Texas at Austin
"Why Things Go Quasi in Higher Dimensions"

Roberto Pelayo, Colorado College
"Morse Theory Indomitable"

Shawn Rafalski, Williams College
"Immersed Hyperbolic Turnovers"

Amanda Riehl, University of California, San Diego
"Combinatorics of Trig Functions"

Michael Schuckers, St. Lawrence University
"Are You Who You Say You Are? Evaluating the Performance of Biometric Identification Systems"

Cesar Silva, Williams College
"Mixing Notions and Examples in Ergodic Theory"
"Dynamics of Celluar Automata"

Mihai Stoiciu, Williams College
"Clock Theorems for Eigenvalues of Finite CMV Matrices"
"Making Math Fuzzy: Forgoing Precision for Applications"

Genevieve Walsh, Tufts University
"Commensurability of Hyperbolic Knot Complements"

Mathematics and Statistics Student Colloquia

Aatif Abbas '08
"Naked Options"

Rachel Allen '08
"Molecular Symmetry: Using Math in Real Science"

William Bernsen '08
"Sufficient Shuffling: Creating a Random Deck of Cards"

Nathan Cook '08
"Heat Propagation through Various Media: A Mathematical Approach"

Michael Daub '08
"Liouville's Theorem and the First Transcendental Number"

Michelle Donnelly '08
"Primes in Arithmetic Progressions"

Andrew Douglas '08
"Solving the Alleged "Pell" Equaton & the Archimedes Cattle Question"

William Eusden '08
"Compressing Images with Fractals"

Anna Ferguson '08
"Decision Theory: What to do when Faced with Uncertainty"

Jane Gimian '08
"Where Would You Live if You Were a Graph?"

Nick Greer '08
"Mathematical Concepts in 20th Century Music Theory"

Matthew Gustafson '08
"Getting our Just Desserts: How to Cut a Fair Cake"

Xiang He '08
"Optimal Control in Non-deterministic Systems"

Son Ho '08
"The Zeta Connection"

Michael Kamida '08
"A Basic Attack on RSA with Small Secret Exponent"

Corey Levin '08
"Logic and the Axiom of Choice"

Jesse Levitt '08
"Planar by Necessity, Colored by Choice"

Haydee Lindo '08
"The Fundamental Theore of Algebra"

Anthony Marcuccio '08
"Can One Always Set a Knot on a Table?"

Richard Martin '08
"Weyl's Equidistribution Theorem"

Adam McKay '08
"Noether's Theorem"

Katherine Nolfi '08
"Fermat's Last Theorem for Polynomial Rings"

Peter Nunns '08
"Your Brain in p-adic Numbers"

Caitlin O'Connell '08
"The abc Conjecture: Integers Under Constraints and Implications Beyond Belief"

Jean Oudin '08
"Proper Table Etiquette Using Conway's Napkin Problem"

Erin Peaslee '08
"The Card Game SET"

Gordon Phillips '08
"The Realty Television Problem: Doweries Revisited"

Elizabeth Pierce '08
"Random Walks in Different Dimensions"

Jonathan Prigoff '08
"Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes - Achieving a Goal by Playing Craps"

Taryn Pritchard '08
"Slicing and Dicing in Higher Dimensions (with Chef Taryn)"

David Rogawski '08
"DNA Tangles and the Mechanism of Tn3 Resolvase"

Martin Rotemberg '08
"Arrow's Theorem"

Allison Rottkamp '08
"How the Leopard Got His Spots"

Martin Sawyer '08
"Simultaneous Approximation: How a Single Number Expresses Everthing About You"

Elizabeth Schwartzman '08
"How Linear Algebra Turned Two Students into Millionaires"

William Sheridan '08
"Kirillov's Lucky Tickets Problem"

Sebastian Shterental '08
"Toiling Over Tiling, or Four Sides to a Tiling Issue Involving Rectangles"

Sara Siegmann '08
"Intuitionism, Truth, and Logic"

Matthew Simonson '08
"Unlocking the Secrets of the Magic Square"

Amy Steele '08
"Applications of Conformal Mappings"

Kristin Sundet '08
"When to Arrive at the Finish Line of the Marathan"

Julie Van Deusen '08
"Cryptography Using Elliptic Curves"

Wasin Vipismakul '08
"Hartog's Theorem"

Nela Vukmirovic '08
"Transcendence: Easy as 0.123...?"

Paul Woodard '08
"Hexing Brouwer"

Sunmi Yang '08
"Mathematical Models of Dynamic Systems"

Zhichun Ying '08
"Bayesian Analysis on the Normal Linear Regression"

Irina Zhecheva '08
"Risk-Neutral Versus Nominal Investment Probabilities"

Off-Campus Colloquia

Colin Adams
"Blown Away: What Knot to Do When Sailing"
Fordham University, Phi Mu Epsilon Ceremony
Notre Dame University
Denison University
Inaugural Guterman Lecture, Tufts University
MAA Wisconsin Sectional Meetings
Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Sam Houston State University
"Making Math Fun"
Texas Project NexT Meeting
"Introduction to Knot Theory"
AMS Short Course on Knots and Their Applications, Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA.
"Spanning Surfaces for Alternating Knots and Links"
Special Session on Heegaard Splittings Bridge Number, and Low Dimensional Topology, Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA.
"Quasifuchsian Surfaces in Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds"
Tufts University
Western AMS Sectional Meetings, Claremont McKenna College
"Why Knot?"
Denison University
MAA Wisconsin Sectional Meetings
"Stick Knots"
Denison University

Carsten Botts
"A Flexible Approach to Bayesian Multiple Curve Fitting"
SAC Capital

Satyan Devadoss
"Particle Collisions"
AMS Plenary Talk, Rutgers University
"Robot Motion Planning"
Tennessee State University
"Mathematics and Visualization"
MAA Alder Award San Jose, CA.
"Moduli Spaces of the Poincare Disk"
University of Michigan

Richard De Veaux
"Math is Music: Stats is Literature"
United States Conference on Teaching Statistics Keynote Address, Ohio State University
"Data Mining in the Real World: Five Lessons Learned in the Pit"
JMP Innovators' Summit, Traverse City, MI.
Claremont-McKenna College
University of Vermont
"Math is Music: Stat is Literature or When Did Teaching Statistics Become So Hard?"
Claremont-McKenna College
University of Vermont
"What Data Mining Teaches Me About Teaching Statistics"
Boston Chapter, American Statistical Association, Mosteller Prize Talk
"Successful Data Mining in Practice"

Keynote Address, Proctor & Gamble Symposium on Statistics

Thomas Garrity
"Using Mathematical Maturity to Shape Our Curriculums, Our Careers and Our Departments"
Harvey Mudd College
Christie Lecture, MAA Northeast Section Meeting, Framingham State College
MAA Intermountain Meeting, Brigham Young University
MAA Dinner Meeting, Norwich University
"On the Arrogance of Mathematicians"
Williams Roadscholars, Foxboro, MA
"On Writing Numbers"
CURM Conference, Brigham Young University
Middlebury College
Norwich University

Bernhard Klingenberg
"Proof of Concept Under Model Uncertainty"
University of Padua, Italy
"Proof of Concept and Dose Estimation with Binary Data"
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
"Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Marginal Means"
Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy
"Testing Dose-Response with Multivariate Ordinal Data"
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
"Statistical Inference"
Best Meeting 2008, Technical University Graz, Graz, Austria
"Marginal Homogeneity in Multivariate Ordinal Data"
Techical University Graz, Austria and Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Basel, Switzerland
"Dose-Response for Bivariate Biary Data Under Model Uncertainty"
International Workshop on Statistical Modeling 2008, Utrecht, Netherlands

Susan Loepp
"Completions of Local Rings"
University of Texas at Austin
"Rational Numbers and Polynomials: The Complete Story"
Reed College

Frank Morgan
"Soap Bubbles and Mathematics"
Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Vancouver
Bethel College
Case Western Reserve
Wright State University
University of Virginia
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AK
Suffold University Science Banquet
MathCounts, Hartford, CT.
Burr & Burton Academy, Manchester, VT.
Mount Greylock Regional High School, Williamstown, MA.
"Surface with Density and the Poincare Conjecture"
Penn State University
Montclair State University
"Soap Bubble Clusters and Mathematics"
University of Iowa
"What THEY Think is Good Teaching"
Panel, Invited Paper Session on "Manifolds with Density, Partitioning Problems, and the SMALL Undergraduate Research Project"
"The Double Bubble Theorem" (Research with Undergraduates Panel"
MAA Mathfest, San Jose
"Double Bubbles in the Torus"
Notre Dame
"Manifolds with Density"
Notre Dame
"Soap Bubble Geometry Contest"
MAA Meeting, Framingham
"The Double Bubble Theorem"
SAC Capital Management, New York
"Manifolds with Density after Perelman's Proof of the Poincare Conjecture"
George Washington University
"The Isoperimetric Problem in Surfaces with Density"
Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, St. Lawrence University
"Soap Bubbles and Mathematics"
Seoul National University Epsilon Lecture
Bard College
Connecticut College
Georgia Tech
Sweetwood, Williamstown, MA.
"Differential Geometry"
Vietnam National University, Hanoi
"Area-Minimizing Surfaces"
Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi
"Soap Bubbles, Students, and Mathematics"
"Double Bubbles and Student Research"
"Area-Minimizing Surfaces and Manifolds with Density"
Hue University, Vietnam
"Minimal Surfaces in Singular Ambients"
Levico Italy (CIRM)
"Bolle di Sapone e Matematica" for the Public
"Bolle di Sapone e Matematica" for high school teachers and students
"Manifolds with Density" two lectures for young mathematicians
Modena, Italy
"Partitioning Problems"
Banff Scientific Research Station, Canada
"Double Bubbles in the Torus"
Millersville University-Franklin and Marshall Joint Colloquium

Allison Pacelli
"The 3-Rank of the Class Group in Number Fields and Function Fields"
Maine/Quebec Number Theory Conference

Cesar Silva
"Transformaciones Mezclantes en Teoria Ergodicca"
Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Lima, Peru
"Ergodic Theory Examples to Illustrate Concepts from Real Analysis"
AMS Meeting, San Diego, CA.
"Teoria Ergodica"
EMALCA, Lima, Peru

Mihai Stoiciu
Talks in Scientific Seminars:
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Keio University, Yokohama
University of Connecticut
Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, CA.
Brown University
University of Kentucky