My schedule is online here. If I am in my office, it's office hours. I will have regular review office hours (if you cannot make any, let me know and I'll try and find another time). My email is sjm1 AT, office office 339 Wachenheim.

The evening TA office hours are

Mon 7-8pm NSB 113 Reece
Mon 9-10pm NSB 113 Jacob
Tues 9-10pm NSB 113 Jacob Wed 7-8pm NSB 113 Reece
Thur 12-1pm Phys 113 (* not 113) Reece
Thur 9-10pm NSB 015 (* not 113) Jacob
Sun 12-1pm NSB 113 Reece
Sun 9-10pm NSB 113 Jacob