Below are some comments to help you prepare for each class' lecture. For each section in the book, I'll mention what you should have read for class. In other words, what are the key points. When you come to class, you should have already read the section and have some sense of the definitions of the terms we'll study and the results we'll prove. This does not mean you should know the material well enough to give the lecture; it does mean that you should have a familiarity with the material so that when I lecture on the math, it won't be your first exposure to the terminology or results. Everyone processes and learns material in different ways; for me, I find it very hard to go to a lecture on a subject I'm unfamiliar with and get much out of it. I need to have some sense of what will happen, as otherwise I spend too much time absorbing the definitions, and then I fall behind. I'm hoping the bullet points below will help you in preparing for each lecture. If there is anything else I can do to assist, as always let me know.