MATH  0350:   HONORS  CALCULUS (Section 2, 13519)
Barus-Holley 158, MWF 2:00 - 2:50pm

Professor Steven J. Miller (sjmiller AT, Kassar House, Room 210, 401-863-1123

FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, December 5th, 90 mins from 7 to 9am plus take-home component.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A third-semester calculus course for students of greater aptitude and motivation. Topics include vector analysis, multiple integration, partial differentiation, line integrals, Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, the divergence theorem, and additional material selected by the instructor. Prerequisite: Advanced placement or written permission. NOTE: This is an honors course. We will cover the material in greater depth than Math 0180 and 0200, and will be moving at a very fast pace. You should expect to spend at least one if not two hours a day (every day!) on this course. I strongly encourage you to work in groups, and you should skim the reading before each class. We will not cover all the material in the book in class; you are responsible for reading the examples at home. While we will do some examples in class, we will often concentrate on the proofs, theory, and some of the more interesting examples in class.

The textbook is the fifth edition of Vector Calculus by Jerrold E. Marsden and Anthony Tromba (ISBN: 0-7167-4992-0, ISBN-13: 978-0-716-74992-9), as well as supplemental handouts. Please read the relevant sections before class. This means you should be familiar with the definitions as well as what we are going to study; this does not mean you should be able to give the lecture. We will cover every section in order, except for 7.7 and 8.5. You do not need a calculator for this class, though I strongly urge you to become familiar with either Matlab or Mathematica to plot some of the multi-dimensional objects. There are many good references on the web. In addition to the ebrary site I mentioned, you can access certain books online: Calculus in Vector Spaces (Lawrence J. Corwin, Robert Henry Szczarba) and Multivariable Calculus (Lawrence J. Corwin, Robert Henry Szczarba).

GRADING / HW: Homework 20%, Midterms 40% (best 3 of 5 exams), Final 40%. Exams are black tie optional. Homework is to be handed in on time, stapled and legible. Late, messy or unstapled homework will not be graded. I encourage you to work in small groups, but everyone must submit their own homework assignment. Extra credit problems should not be included in the general homework, but handed in separately. Very little partial credit is given on these problems.

OFFICE HOURS: Primary office hours: MWF 8 to 9am; Secondary office hours: before and after class (though I have more time before). If possible email me ahead of time to let me know you are coming, as well as what you want to discuss.