June 13th, 2007: Cam meets Wally the Green Monster and the World Series Trophy from the victorious Red Sox season of 2004! Wally and the trophy are touring, and they were at the local CVS. It was drizzling a bit, but we wouldn't miss this! One of my greatest thrills is reading and holding a first edition Principia. While this isn't quite in the same league, it was nice to actually touch the trophy!

Below are two nice shots of Cam and me. He's wearing a sweater his Grammy knit. She found cute buttons with the Red Sox B, and knew she had to do something with them. The sweater says 'Play Ball' on the left and there's a picture of a ball on the right.

Below are two quick candids of Wally and the trophy:

And, of course, no page would be complete without some cute shots of Cam. Here he's having a snack on his changing table. Cam may not know what wine goes with what food, but he knows that if you're having zebra, you eat the right fingers! This pic is from the day he, Liz and I and my folks went to Boston for the Scooper Bowl (next year he gets to eat the ice cream!). He's wearing his BC shirt. There's a picture of Cookie Monster on it and it says 'Smart Cookie'. Cam and I've been watching some Sesame Street. Boy has it changed: Cookie Monster still likes and occasionally eats cookies, but he now sings about healthy eating as well!