Pictures of Cameron Nathan Miller.         Videos are here.    Pictures from March 2007 - March 2008 available upon request.

Mar11to16 May21toJune4 Aug29to31 Dec1to15   Cam Walking Video    
Mar17to24 June5to15 Sept1to11 DecInZona   Cam the Ringbearer    
Mar25toApr10 June16to30 Sept12to30 Dec16-31        
PearlTastingApr9 ShoesPool Oct1to15 Jan1-20
Apr10to16 July1to31 Oct16to31 Jan21toMar4        
April17to30 Aug1to15 Nov1to15          
May1to12 AugMainePics Nov16to30          
May13to20 Aug16to31 PicsFromDKH          

Somewhat recent pics (the third is me, Cam, and a Red Sox world series championship ring -- '07 model, as we have so many these days one must be explicit!):

The proud parents:  

The first picture is me as a newborn; the second is Cam....