Opportunities in Mathematics (apologies for the simple webpage; anyone who wants to maintain a snazzier one let me (sjm1 AT williams.edu) know!).

See also http://math.williams.edu/math-ranked-number-1-job/


REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) options:

1) Williams' SMALL REU is a fantastic summer research program for undergrads; check out the details at http://math.williams.edu/small/, and feel free to talk to any
faculty or former SMALL research students for advice about it. The application deadline is 2/12/2010.

2) If you've already done SMALL or would like to do research outside of the Purple Valley, check out http://www.ams.org/employment/reu.html for a list of over 75
nationwide REUs. Some of the REUs on this list still link to their 2009 pages, but they should update by sometime in December. Application deadlines tend vary
between the end of January and sometime in early March.

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellowship (http://ndseg.asee.org/), which provides funding for grad school to people in a number of areas, including mathematics. A few stipulations and facts about it:
-It pays 30,000ish dollars a yeah for three years
-Its deadline is January 4, 2010
-It's only open to citizens and nationals of the US
-It only pays for US schools
-It cannot be deferred except under exceptional circumstances
-It can't be used simultaneously with another major fellowship (say, NSF)
Obviously that's only useful to graduating seniors who are planning to go to grad school, but still its a good thing for them to think about.


From: Kerry Back <kback.rice AT gmail.com>
To: Steven.J.Miller AT williams.edu
Subject: Rice University - PhD in Finance

I am writing to ask your assistance in identifying math majors who might be interested in applying their talents to the study of finance. Rice University is
launching its first PhD program in finance, accepting applications now for matriculation in Fall 2010. Our goal is to place students as assistant professors of
finance at top research universities (the starting salaries for such positions are in excess of $200,000). Because our program is new, we are offering a highly
competitive stipend to students ($35,000 per year) in addition to the usual waiver of all tuition fees. An undergraduate math major, especially when combined with
some economics, is excellent preparation for the study of finance. We would be grateful if you would advise any especially talented students of this opportunity.
The application deadline is January 15.

In case you are unaware, Rice is a small school (5,000 students of which 40% are graduate students) consistently ranked among the top 20 U.S. universities for
undergraduate education. It has a beautiful campus in a pastoral setting only minutes from downtown Houston, which is the 4th largest city in the U.S.

More about the finance group at Rice can be found here: <http://business.rice.edu/FinanceArea.aspx?id=1429> http://business.rice.edu/FinanceArea.aspx?id=1429, and
more about the finance PhD at Rice can be found here: <http://business.rice.edu/PhD_Finance_Area.aspx> http://business.rice..edu/PhD_Finance_Area.aspx.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

Kerry Back
J. Howard Creekmore Professor of Finance
Rice University
Dear Steve,

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University has received a grant from the US Department of Education GAANN Program (Graduate
Assistance in Areas of National Need) to support four PhD students. The goal of the funding is to produce PhDs who excel in mathematical research and instruction.
GAANN Fellows will be selected on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. Tuition for GAANN fellows will be completely covered, and they will receive
stipends of up to $30,000/yr (based on financial need). A Fellowship runs three years, and our department would assume responsibility to continue support of GAANN
Fellows (through five years total) as teaching or research assistants in our department.

We maintain a website


with general information on our GAANN Program.

We would appreciate any help you could give us in identifying and
notifying talented students in your department. Please pass along the
contact information for the directors of this program:

Daniel Q. Naiman, Program Director of GAANN
Professor and Chair
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218-2682
Voice: 410-516-7203 Fax: 410-516-7459

Donniell Fishkind, Associate Program Director of GAANN
Associate Research Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218-2682
Voice: 410-516-7828 Fax: 410-516-7459

and encourage them to contact us with any questions. We would be
delighted to talk with them individually about our department and the
GAANN Fellowship. Applications for these GAANN Fellowships are
particularly welcome from students in traditionally underrepresented
minorities in mathematics.