• "Mathematical Aspects of the Music of Bach"
  • Many people think that mathematics and music have some vague sort of affinity, but most often the supposed relationship between the two fields turns out to be in details that are not central to either. In contrast, VICTOR HILL explores in this multi-media lecture-recital his own experience, as a professional in both fields, of how the concept of a four-dimensional cube relates to the structure of Bach's fugues. These ideas lead him to a characterization of "elegance" in mathematical proofs and in Bach's music. The presentation includes a computer-generated film, a painting by Salvador Dali, and musical examples. No technical background in either mathematics or music is presumed.
  • Victor Hill has given this presentation more than 40 times throughout the United States.
  • This presentation has specific requirements for audio-visual support, physical arrangements on the stage, and honorarium/expenses. Further information is available from Victor Hill by e-mail, phone, FAX, or U.S. mail, as listed on the home page.

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