Courses Offered

PSYC 101: Introductory Psychology (team taught)
An introduction to the major sub-fields of psychology: behavioral neuroscience, cognitive, developmental, social and personality, psychopathology, and health. The course aims to acquaint students with the major methods, theoretical points of view, and findings of each sub-field. Imporant concepts are exemplified by a study of selected topics and issues within each of the six areas.
Requirements: two lab reports, unit quizzes, and a final exam.

PSYC 232: Developmental Psychology
An introduction to the study of human growth and development from infancy through adulthood. Topics for discussion include perceptual and motor development, language acquisition, memory and intellectual development, and social and emotional development. These topics form the basis for a discussion of the major theories of human development, incuding social learning, psychoanalytic and cognitive-developmental models.
Requirements: a midterm, a final exam, and a short paper
Prerequisite: Psychology 101. Open to first year students.

PSYC 333: Children's Lives: Thinking, Feeling and Doing
How do we know what children know, what they feel, and what they do? This course provides students with direct experience with children and the approaches used to investigate the world of childhood. Through observatiion and interaction with children, we discover how they develop social skills, sex roles, emotions and emotional control, and self-knowledge.
Format: seminar.

Requirements: two hour tests and report of research project.
Prerequisite: Psychology 232 and Psychology 201.

PSYC 337: Childhood Disorders and Therapy
A study of clinical child psychology. Disorders typically found in childhood and adolescence, including anorexia, phobias, learning disabilities, infantile autism, and schizophrenia are examined, and several different treatment approaches, including non-directive play therapy, behavior modification, and contemporary psychoanalysis are discussed.
Requirements: an hour exam, a final exam, and a term paper.
Prerequisite: Psychology 232 and 251 or 252. Enrollment Limited