ENVI 101(F) Humans in the Landscape: An Introduction to Environmental Studies

This course introduces environmental studies in the context of the liberal arts-natural and social science and the arts and humanities. By the end of the semester, a student should be able to recognize and to investigate the natural, economic, and industrial bases of daily life, and to analyze the social challenges of altering humans' imprint on nature. These skills are necessary but not sufficient for developing a stance toward environmental quality as an element of civilized life. Format: lecture/discussion. Evaluation will be based on two quizzes (testing detailed recall), written exercises (testing ability to grasp and make use of ideas important to the course), and a final exam; attentive participation in class and conference discussions also counts. No enrollment limit (expected: 30-40). Required course for students wishing to complete the Environmental Studies concentration. Satisfies one semester of the Division II requirement.

Hour: LEE