ENVI 270T(S) (formerly 308T) Environmental Policy (Same as Political Science 270T) (W)

Over the past generation, the environment has emerged as a significant policy arena. This course discusses environmental policy and politics from the perspective of the constellation of professionals, managers, and activists involved in the implementation and formulation of policies. The technical and social challenges of environmental policy strain long-accepted notions of democratic representation and rationality. We examine institutional forms, and survey the conflicts that shape the governance of natural resources, property, and ecosystem services. Format: tutorial. Requirements: each student completes, in stages, a research project on an environmental policy or controversy. A 12-page background paper at mid-semester describes the issues and actors. The subsequent research paper incorporates the background paper, with revisions, into a 20-page analysis of the case and its governmental dynamics, including policy recommendations. There is also a 90-minute exam on the course readings. Prerequisites: Environmental Studies 101; Political Science 201 are recommended. Enrollment limit: 12 (expected: 12). Preference given to seniors and juniors. This course satisfies the "Environmental Policy" requirement for the Environmental Studies concentration.

Hour: LEE