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Faculty: MARY K. BERCAW EDWARDS (University of Connecticut), JAMES T. CARLTON (Williams College), JANA DAVIS (Williams College), GLENN S. GORDINIER (University of Connecticut), CATHERINE ROBINSON HALL (Mystic Seaport).

The Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program offers students a unique opportunity to explore the ocean, to travel the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts, and to undertake original research of their own design in the humanities and sciences. A term at Williams-Mystic satisfies both a semester's credit and one winter study requirement, as well as intensive writing course credit. Four Williams courses are offered as an integrated, multidisciplinary curriculum in the semester-long program at Mystic Seaport, in Mystic, Connecticut: Maritime History, Literature of the Sea, Marine Policy, and either Marine Ecology or Oceanography (see the American Maritime Studies section in this catalog). Williams College faculty members serve as the Director and Marine Scientist. Travel includes an offshore voyage on the open ocean sailing aboard a tall ship, a seminar along the Pacific Coast, and a seminar on Nantucket Island, all of which are cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary exercises. Students live in historic, cooperative, coed houses at Mystic Seaport, the world's largest maritime museum, and have full access to world-class maritime collections, a maritime library, well-equipped laboratory, and diverse coastal habitats (where field research can be undertaken in a wide variety of environments, ranging from tidepools and salt marshes to sandy beaches and estuaries). Students also participate in maritime skills under professional instruction, with choices such as celestial navigation, maritime art, music of the sea, boat building, or small boat handling and sailing. Williams-Mystic seeks candidates who are willing to try new things and work in a compelling academic environment. No sailing experience necessary, and all majors welcome-a typical semester at Williams-Mystic is represented by 12 to 14 different majors spanning the sciences and humanities. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can attend. Participation in Williams-Mystic can also be used in partial fulfillment of the Maritime Studies Concentration at Williams. Interested students should contact Williams-Mystic at admissions@williamsmystic.org, call (860-572-5359), visit the website (williamsmystic.org), or obtain a Williams-Mystic catalog from the Dean's office. Applications are on the web and at the Dean's office.