ECON 120(F,S) Principles of Macroeconomics (Q)

An introduction to the study of the aggregate national economy. Develops the basic theories of macroeconomics and applies them to topics of current interest. Explores issues such as: the causes of inflation, unemployment, recessions, and depressions; the role of government fiscal and monetary policy in stabilizing the economy; the determinants of long-run economic growth; the long- and short-run effects of taxes, budget deficits, and other government policies on the national economy; and the workings of exchange rates and international trade. Economics 110 and 120 may be taken in either order. Format: lecture/discussion. Requirements: problem sets, short essays, midterm(s), final exam. No prerequisites. Enrollment limit: 40 (expected: 40).

Hour: First Semester: BAKIJA, LOVE Second Semester: BAKIJA, LOVE, ROLLEIGH