ECON 204(S) Economic Development in Poor Countries (Same as Environmental Studies 234)*

This is an introduction to the economies and development problems of the poorer countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We shall discover both the roots and the extent of these problems, and explore possible solutions. The course begins by investigating how different socio-historical environments have shaped various third world economies. Then, keeping this in context, it attempts to get an idea of the best feasible policies to tackle a whole range of critical development issues. These issues include poverty and its alleviation, the population explosion, employment and migration patterns, raising education and health standards, and making agriculture and industry more efficient. Finally, we will consider some broader international issues-like patterns of trade, foreign aid, and the international debt crisis. Each student will be expected to study these issues for an individual country or region, attempting to get an idea of the socio-economic context from reading examples of relevant third world literature. Format: lecture. Requirements: exams. Prerequisites: Economics 110. Enrollment limit: 40 (expected: 35).