ECON 207(F) China's Economic Transformation Since 1980 (Same as Asian Studies 207)*

Over the past twenty years, China has undergone an unprecedented economic turnaround. Since opening the economy, average incomes in China have quadrupled and over 250 million people have been lifted out of poverty. In this course, we will study the transformation of China's economy from several perspectives. First, we will study the wildly successful transition of China from a commune-based economy to ``market socialism.'' Within this study, we will discuss the ways that institutions and organizational structures in China have led to and have been changed by the economy in transition. We will then discuss the effects of trade on China's economy, and conclude by exploring the effect of China's rapid economic expansion on the environment. Throughout the course, we will consider ways China's economy will continue to change over the next ten to twenty years. Requirements: at least one research paper and exam(s). Prerequisites: Economics 110 or 101. Enrollment limit: 40 (expected: 12).