ECON 253(F,S) Empirical Economic Methods (Q)

An introduction to applied quantitative economic analysis. The course will acquaint students with the empirical dimension in economic research by familiarizing them with the basic empirical methods used by economists and with their strengths and limitations. Emphasis throughout will be on the practical application of the principles being developed. Computer work will be part of the course, but no previous training in computers is expected. Instructors may use elementary calculus in assigned readings, exams, and lectures. Students may substitute the combination of Statistics 201 and 346 for Economics 253 or 255. Format: lecture. Requirements: problem sets, two midterms, and a final exam. Prerequisites: Mathematics 103 or its equivalent and one course in Economics. Enrollment limit: 35 (expected: 30).

Hour: First Semester: DE BRAUW Second Semester: ZIMMERMAN