ECON 359(F) The Economics of Higher Education

This seminar explores the economics and financing of colleges and universities, with a particular focus on contemporary policy issues. A structured sequence of readings and case studies serve as the backbone of the course. Course materials will apply economic theory to selected policy issues, including tuition and financial aid, the individual and societal returns of higher education, and academic labor markets. The course will also introduce students to the financial structure and management of colleges, including funding sources, budget processes, and policies and issues regarding the finance of higher education. Evaluation will be based on several written case studies, a student research project, a final exam, and class discussion/participation. Prerequisites: Economics 251, Economics 253 or 255 (or Statistics 101-formerly Mathematics 143). Enrollment limit: 15.-While significant background in Economic Theory and Econometrics is preferred, non-Economics majors are encouraged to contact the instructor to discuss their interest in the course. Such students should be willing to devote the extra time necessary to master the technical vocabulary and economic concepts included in some of the readings.