ECON 367 Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics (Same as Economics 514) (Not offered 2004-2005) (Q)

Macroeconomics and related fields in international finance and development have evolved specialized empirical techniques, known generally as macroeconometrics, which are designed to meet the practical challenges that the data and the empirical questions pose in these fields. The course will introduce the theory and application of these techniques, and students will learn how to implement these techniques using real world data to address practical questions drawn from the fields of macro, international finance and development. Topics to which these techniques will be applied include business cycle analysis and forecasting, sources of exchange rate volatility and determinants of long run economic growth. Computer work and programming will be an integral part of the course, but no previous training is expected. Format: seminar. Requirements: short empirical projects, midterm, term paper. Prerequisites: Economics 255 or equivalent and Economics 252. Enrollment limit: 20 (expected: 15).