ECON 384(S) Corporate Finance (Q)

This course is similar to Economics 317, but it is at a more advanced level and is especially designed for economics and political economy majors. While 317 focuses on financial markets, 384 is a managerial perspective of how managers operate in these markets. This course analyzes the major financial decisions facing firms. Topics include capital budgeting, links between real and financial investments, capital structure choice, dividend policy, and firm valuation. Additional topics may include issues in corporate governance, managerial incentives and compensation, and corporate restructuring, such as mergers and acquisitions. A student may not receive credit for both 317 and 384. Format: lecture/discussion. Requirements: problem sets, short projects such as case write ups, midterm, and a final exam. Prerequisites: Economics 251, 252, and some familiarity with statistics (e.g., Economics 253 or 255). Enrollment limit: 20 (expected: 15). Preference given to senior Economics majors.