ENVI 102(S) Introduction to Environmental Science

Introduction to Environmental Science introduces students to current scientific methods used to assess environmental quality, rectify impaired systems, and limit future detriment. Through hands-on study of several local sites, we probe five global themes: alteration of the greenhouse effect and carbon cycle; acid deposition; toxic metals in the environment; water quality; and prospects in waste treatment and remediation. Discussions of case studies from other parts of the world illustrate the global analogues of these local studies. Following these group projects, students design and complete independent projects in subjects of particular interest to them. Format: two, 75-minute workshop/discussion sessions, and one, 4-hour field/laboratory session each week. Evaluation will be based on reports of field and laboratory projects, participation in discussion, and an independent research project. Enrollment limit: 36 (expected: 25). Preference given to first-year students. This course is designed for students who have a strong interest in Environmental Science. Satisfies one semester of the Division III requirement. This course also satisfies "The Natural World" requirement for the Environmental Studies concentration.