Please see page for summary information about Experiential Education at Williams. A complete description of each course listed below may be found in the relevant department's section of this catalog. Students may obtain detailed information about a specific course involving experiential education from the instructor.


American Studies/Latina/o Studies 310(S) Latino Cityscapes: Mapping Place, Community and Latinidad in U.S. Urban Centers

ArtH 201(F) American Landscape History

ArtH 274(S) Chinese Calligraphy: Theory and Practice

ArtH 303(S) Countryside Planning

ArtH 402(S) Monument/Antimonument: The Art of Memorial

ArtH 508(S) Art and Conservation: An Inquiry into History, Methods and Materials

ArtS/Women's and Gender Studies 206(S) Feminist Art Practices

Biology 231(F,S) Marine Ecology (Williams/Mystic Program)

English 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea (Williams/Mystic Program)

Evironmental Studies 102(S) Introduction to Environmental Science

Evironmental Studies 302(F) Environmental Planning Workshop

Evironmental Studies 351(F,S) Marine Policy (Williams/Mystic Program)

Geosciences 210(F,S) Oceanographic Processes (Williams/Mystic Program)

History 352(F,S) America and the Sea, 1600-Present (Williams/Mystic Program)

Music 233(F) African Music: Interdisciplinary Studies

Philosophy 223(S) Environmental Ethics

Physics 109(F) Sound, Light and Perception

Political Economy 402(S) Political Economy of Public Policy Issues

[Political Science 301 Art and Justice]

Political Science 335(S) Public Sphere/Public Space

Psychology 352(S) Clinical and Community Psychology

Psychology 372(F) Advanced Seminar in Teaching and Learning


ANSO 011 Berkshire Farm Internship

ANSO 012 Children and the Courts: Internship in the Crisis in Child Abuse

ArtH/ArtS/Chemistry 015 Materials of the Artist: Uncovering Fakes and Forgeries

ArtS 025 Art, Culture and Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico

ArtS./Asian Studies 010 Maskmaking: A Journey into Culture, Myth and Mystery

Astronomy/Computer Science 013 Image Processing in Science and Medicine

Chemisty 016 Glassblowing

Chemistry 012 History and Mechanics of Bicycling

Comparative Literature/American Studies 011/Special 016 Berkshire Stories

Computer Science 012 How to Build a Computer

Economics 019 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Environmental Studies 014 We are What We Eat?-A Field Study

International Studies 026 Arabic in Cairo

Japanese 010 Japanese Animation

Leadership Studies 018 Wilderness Leadership

Music/Special 015 The Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

Philosophy/Biology/Economics/Environmental Studies 018 Williams in North Adams: The Entrepreneurship of Shitake

Philosophy/International Studies 025 Morocco

Physics 013 Automotive Mechanics

Political Science/Environmental Studies 021 Fieldwork in Public and Private Non-Profits

Psychology 011 Children's Play

Psychology 017 Teaching Practicum

Psychology 018 Institutional Placement

Russian/Special 025 Williams in Georgia

Special 019 Medical Apprenticeship

Special 024 Eyecare and Culture in Caribbean Nicaragua

Special 028 Teaching Practicums in New York City Schools