INTR 287(F) African Music: Interdisciplinary Studies (Same as Music 233 and African-American Studies 250)*

This course examines African music from an interdisciplinary perspective that may include musical, historical, religious, sociological, dance, or psychological studies. It also integrates music (or dance) performance with academic study. The goals of the course are to understand music within an African cultural context, to examine the synergy between African music and other art forms, and to integrate academic study with music or dance performance. Themes and geographical focus may change from year to year, and the course may be taken more than once. In 2004-05 we will explore a case study, the interrelationship of religion, music, and dance in Zimbabwe. Students will meet for class discussions during usual class hours as well as participating in separate labs/rehearsals and a concert with the Zambezi Marimba Band. Students will have the opportunity to sing, play mbira dza vadzimu (the mbira of the ancestor spirits), marimba, and hosho (rattle) with guest artists who are masters of Zimbabwean music. Evaluation will be based on papers, participation, and the improvement of performance skills. No exams. Prerequisites: This course is open to all students with an intermediate level of skill in music or dance. Labs: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-6:30 PM; additional rehearsals to be arranged. Enrollment limit: 10 (expected: 10). If more apply, audition might be required.

Hour: E. D. BROWN