INTR 320 Democracy: Prospects and Discontents (Not offered 2004-2005)

This class is designed to enhance awareness about democracy issues. It covers classic arguments about relations within civil society, formal governmental arrangements, the availability and utility of popular suffrage, and practices that threaten full implementation. The course responds to the assumption that democracy, though widely valued, is not a finished project. The class will draw on the experiences in the U.S.-routinely put forth as an advanced democracy-to identify themes and problems in the premier democratic state with a record of discord. It will also examine some of the emerging work in civil society and the unique efforts around democracy in southern hemispheric locations and post-colonial states. As befits a course on democracy, this will be participatory. Format: lecture/discussion. Requirements: short papers and a final written paper.

No prerequisites. Enrollment limit: 25 (expected: 25). Satisfies one semester of the Division II requirement.