Advisory Faculty: Professor: KARABINOS, D. LYNCH**. Associate Professors: AALBERTS*, S. BOLTON, L. PARK, STRAIT. Assistant Professors: GOH, SCHOFIELD.

Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field which combines microscopic physics and chemistry in order to understand and control the properties of materials such as plastics, semiconductors, metals, liquid crystals, and biomaterials. Williams students with an interest in the properties of materials or in pursuing careers in materials science or a variety of engineering disciplines would benefit from following the courses in this program.

Core Course in Materials Science:

  1. Chemistry/Physics 332 Materials Science: The Chemistry and Physics of Materials

Related Courses:

  1. Biology 101 The Cell
  2. Chemistry 016 Glass and Glassblowing
  3. Chemistry 156 Organic Chemistry
    and Chemistry 251 Organic Chemistry
  4. Chemistry 155 Current Topics in Chemistry
    or Chemistry 256 Foundations of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
  5. Chemistry 335 Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry
  6. Chemistry 361 Physical Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics
  7. Chemistry/Environmental Studies 364 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
  8. Chemistry 366 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics
  9. Geosciences 202 Mineralogy and Geochemistry
  10. Mathematics 209 Differential Equations and Vector Calculus
  11. Mathematics 315 Groups and Characters
  12. Physics 015 Electronics
  13. Physics 201 Electricity and Magnetism
  14. Physics 202 Waves and Optics
  15. Physics/Mathematics 210 Mathematical Methods for Scientists
  16. Physics 301 Quantum Physics
  17. Physics 405T Electromagnetic Theory
  18. Physics 411T Classical Mechanics
  19. Physics 451 Solid State Physics