MUS 134 Music and Ritual (Not offered 2004-2005)

Throughout human history worldwide, music has been and continues to be recognized as a powerful medium enabling access to the spiritual, the divine, and the magical. This course will examine the role music has played in the spiritual dimension of human existence over the past millennium, focusing primarily but not exclusively on music within the Western Christian tradition. Listening and reading assignments will explore such topics as music in medieval monasteries and convents, rituals of worship in the age of cathedrals, Renaissance music for the cult of saints, Bach as theologian, the Romantic Requiem, and twentieth-century composers' search for the spiritual in an age defined by world war and technological revolution. American topics may include Native American music, Shape Note singing, African-American Gospel music, and the New Age music phenomenon. Format: two meetings per week,field trip(s) may be required. Evaluation will be based on quizzes, short written assignments, and a final project. No prerequisites.