MUS 325, 326, 427, 428 Musical Studies

The numbers 325, 326, 427, 428 should be used for four sequence courses in the same subject. If a different subject is elected, the numbering sequence should start again at 325. These numbers are selected without regard to semester taken or class year of student. Prerequisites: Music 103, 104, 201, 202, and permission of the instructor and department. (Intended primarily for music majors.) Students must obtain a special form for this course election from the Music Department Office. These forms must be completed, and all necessary departmental and faculty permissions secured, by the end of the preregistration period in the semester before the semester in which the students wish to do this course. Note: Music 325, 326, 427, 428 must be taken as a graded course and it is strongly recommended that it be taken only as part of a four-course load.