POEC 301(F) Analytical Views of Political Economy (Same as Economics 301 and Political Science 333)

This course explores the relationship between politics and economics by surveying influential works of political economy. Its first part examines three major systems of thought in relation to the historical development of capitalism in Western Europe: the classical liberalism of Adam Smith, Karl Marx's revolutionary socialism, and the reformist ideas of John Stuart Mill, R. H. Tawney, and John Maynard Keynes. The second part considers more recent writings that revise and critique liberalism from a variety of perspectives. The historical focus of the course permits you to appreciate the ongoing dialogue between classical and contemporary views of political economy, while classroom discussion involves frequent reference to current public policy issues. Format: discussion/lecture. Requirements: eight 2-page papers and a final exam. Prerequisites: one course in Economics and either Political Science 201 or 203 or AP credit in American Politics (or permission of instructor). Enrollment limit: 35 (expected: 32). Preference given to Political Economy majors and sophomores intending a Political Economy major.

Required in the Political Economy major but open to non-majors.

Hour: MAHON and OAK