A description of the tutorial program, and information about how tutorials operate, may be found on page of this catalog. Students may obtain detailed information about particular tutorials from the course descriptions and the instructors.

Anthropology and Sociology
ANTH 268T(S) Rethinking Cultural Relativism (W) M. F. Brown
ANTH 328T(S) Emotions and the Self (W)* Just

ARTS 313T(S) Art of the Public Diggs
ARTS 364T(F) Artists' Books Takenaga
ARTS 371T(S) Addressing Identity-The Non-Traditional Figure Podmore
ARTS 380T(S) Between Art and Cinema L. Johnson
ARTS 418T(S) Senior Tutorial Glier

BIOL 206T(S) Genomes, Transcriptomes and Proteomes (W) D. Lynch
BIOL 402T/ENVI 404T) (F) Topics in Ecology: Biological Resources (W) Art

CLGR 406T/
WGST 406T(S) Coming of Age in the Polis (W) Hoppin

Comparative Literature
COMP 251T(F) War in Modern Literature (W) French
COMP 258T(S) Reading Family Stories (W) Newman

Computer Science
CSCI 336T(F) Computer Networks (Q) Murtagh

ECON 357T(F,S) The Strange Economics of College (W) Schapiro

ENGL 239T(S) The Brontės (W) S. Graver
ENGL 285T(F) Lying About the Truth (W) K. Shepard
ENGL 323T(S) A Novel Education (W) Fix
ENGL 369T/ COMP 369T(F) The Australian New Wave (W) J. Shepard

GEOS 251T(F) Gulf and Peninsula: The Geology and Ecology of Baja California (W) Backus

HIST 135T(S) The Great War, 1914-1918 (W) Wood
HIST 486T/JAPN 486T(F) Historical Memory of the Pacific War (W)* Maruko
HIST 487T(F) The Second World War: Origins, Course, Outcomes, and Meaning (W) Wood

Maritime Studies
MAST 231T/ENGL 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea (W) Bercaw Edwards

MATH 251T(S) Introduction to Mathematical Proof and Argumentation (Q) Burger
MATH 404T(S) Ergodic Theory (Q) Silva
STAT 231T(F) Statistical Design of Experiments (Q) R. Deveaux

MUS 203T(F), 204T(S) Composition I and II Fall: Perez Velazquez, Spring: D. Kechley
MUS 210T(S) American Pop Orientalism (W) A. Sheppard
MUS 223T(S) Music Technology II Perez Velazquez

PHIL 272T(F) Free Will and Responsibility (W) Barry
PHIL 304T(S) Authenticity: From Rousseau to Poststructuralism (W) Sawicki
PHIL 360T/CLAS 360/REL 218(S) Augustine's City of God (W) Wilberding
PHIL 388T(F) Consciousness (W) Cruz

PHYS 402T(S) Applications of Quantum Mechanics (Q) Tucker-Smith
PHYS 411T(F) Classical Mechanics (Q) S. Bolton and Crampton

Political Science
PSCI 331T(F) Non-Profit Organization and Community Change (W) A. Willingham
PSCI 362T(F) George Kennan and the Dilemmas of American Foreign Policy Mcallister

PSYC 317T(F) Nature versus Nurture: Controversies in Developmental Psychobiology Zimmerberg

THEA 221T/ENGL 224T/WGST 221T(S) Contemporary Play and Performance Analysis (W) Bean

The Center for Development Economics is offering two graduate-level courses (ECON 516T and ECON 518T) in the tutorial format. Interested undergraduates should consult the course descriptions and the instructor for eligibility.

The College acknowledges with deepest gratitude the following classes and individuals who have created generous endowments to support Tutorials at Williams in honor of their 25th and 50th Reunions.
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