WIOX 390 Specially Arranged Subjects

Specially arranged tutorial courses in some subject areas other than those covered by the WIOX 311-384 courses might also be possible. A WIOX 390 is not simply what would be called an "independent study" course at Williams. Rather, a WIOX 390 is normally a "paper" (course) that is regularly offered at Oxford as either a required or optional part of the degree in various subjects. For a list of all the "papers" that make up the degree requirements in various disciplines, students should consult the University of Oxford Examination Regulations, a recent copy of which can be found in the Dean's Office. Important guidelines for how to make sense of this complex and weighty tome (the equivalent of the Williams College Bulletin) are available from the Dean's Office and also from the director. It is easier to find tutors for a WIOX 390 in some fields (Classics, English, History, Philosophy, Theology, etc.) than in others (Psychology, the natural sciences, etc) and students should realize that it is not always possible for the Programme to accommodate their requests. A sample list of Specially Arranged Subjects (WIOX 390) staffed during the past three years is offered below. This list is not comprehensive. Furthermore, students who wish to undertake a WIOX 390 course are encouraged to consult the Examination Regulations rather than simply repeat what other students in the past have done.

390 Anthropology: South Asia-Caste and Hinduism 390 Archaeology: The Transformation of the Celtic World, 500 BC-AD 100 390 Art History: Egyptian Art, Architecture and Artefacts 390 Art History: Greek Vases 390 Art History: Art Under the Roman Empire, AD 14-337 390 Art History: Anglo-Saxon Archaeology of the Early Christian Period 390 Art Studio: Photography 390 Art Studio: Drawing I 390 Biology: Health and Disease 390 Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 390 Chemistry: Physical Chemistry 390 Chemistry: Solid State Chemistry 390 Classics: Latin Literature of the First Century BC 390 English: Creative Writing 390 German: The German Novel Since 1945 390 History: Roman History, 80 BC-AD 138 390 History: The Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad, 527-c.700 390 History: The Carolingian Renaissance 390 History: War and Reconstruction: Ideas, Politics and Social Change 390 Law: Jurisprudence 390 Mathematics: Applied Analysis 390 Mathematics: Abstract Algebra 390 Mathematics: Number Theory 390 Mathematics: Probability 390 Philosophy: Intermediate Philosophy of Physics 390 Philosophy: Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein 390 Physics: Thermodynamics 390 Physics: Quantum Physics 390 Political Science: Questions in Tibetan History, Politics, and Culture 390 Political Science: British Foreign Relations 390 Psychology: Psychology of Religion 390 Religion: Christian Moral Reasoning 390 Religion: Selected Topics (Old Testament)-Prophecy 390 Religion: Theology and Ethics of the New Testament 390 Religion: Aquinas 390 Religion: Augustine 390 Religion: History and Theology of Western Christianity, 1500-1619 390 Religion: Christology from Kant to Troeltsch, 1789-1914 390 Sociology: Sociology of Religion