CLLA 101(F)-102(S) Introduction to Latin

This is a full-year course on the fundamentals of the Latin language. The first semester and part of the second emphasize learning basic grammar; the rest of the second semester is devoted to reading selections from Latin poetry (including Vergil's Aeneid and some Medieval Latin poetry, e.g., the Carmina Burana) and from Latin prose (e.g., Pliny's Letters and/or the Vulgate Bible). This course is designed for the student with no previous preparation in Latin or who has had only a little Latin and wishes a refresher. Credit is granted for the first semester only if the second semester is taken as well. Students with some previous experience in Latin may want to enroll in CLLA 102 only: consult the department. Format: recitation/discussion. Evaluation will be based on frequent quizzes, tests, classroom exercises, and a final exam. Enrollment limit: 18 (expected: 10-12).