RUSS 201(F), 202(S) Advanced Russian

This course focuses on vocabulary building and intensive development of reading, spoken, and written skills. Conversation is not so much emphasized as is the ability to present and defend a point of view. A wide variety of literary and journalistic texts will be read and discussed. Russian television news and films will also be viewed. Students considering study in Russia are strongly advised to complete these courses before embarking on such study. The class meets four hours a week with the fourth hour a conversation conference section, time to be arranged. In addition, an optional mini-course in Russian phonetics and intonation is offered in Russian 202. Requirements: active class participation, bi-weekly quizzes, three short essays, and a final exam. Prerequisite for 201: Russian 104 or permission of instructor. Prerequisite for 202: Russian 201 or permission of instructor.

Hour:  First Semester: HELFANT Second Semester: GOLDSTEIN