PSYC 313 Human Neuropsychology (Not offered 1998-99)

This course will survey the behavioral, cognitive, and emotional effects of brain dysfunction. We will consider the effects of brain damage in humans from both an experimental and clinical point of view. Topics to be covered include: general principles of brain function; organization of higher brain functions including memory, language, perceptual processes, and emotional processes; disorders of the human brain including Alzheimer's Disease, the effects of stroke, and the impact of head injuries such as those sustained in automobile accidents; development and recovery of brain function; and applications of neuropsychology such as neuropsychological testing. The course will be taught in the discussion/seminar format. Students conduct a research project related to one of the topics in the course. Requirements: seminar presentation and paper, participation in seminar discussions, and a written report of an empirical project. Satisfies one semester of the Division III requirement. Prerequisite: Psychology 212 or 221 or permission of instructor. Empirical Project