PSYC 354T Social Interaction and Psychopathology (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

Each of us lives our lives in a social matrix, interacting with others in ways that determine satisfaction or dissatisfaction, mental health or mental disorder. This tutorial will look beneath the surface of such interactions, examining the nature of verbal and nonverbal communication and the interaction of people in close relationships (e.g., friends, families). We will examine relationships gone awry (e.g., gender-related misunderstandings, disturbed family relationships) and will focus in depth on the study of psychotherapy as social interaction. Reading and critical analysis of published research, and laboratory exercises in which students themselves analyze a variety of videotapes will be utilized and will be the basis of the position paper presented weekly by one student in the tutorial pair. Infused throughout the course is a focus on (and critique of) the various methods by which our questions about social interaction can be answered empirically, culminating in an empirical project of the students' own design. Evaluation will be based on position papers, class participation, and the empirical project presentation and final report. Prerequisite: Psychology 101, 201, and any one of 232, 242, 251, or 252. Empirical Project