PSYC 362(F) Psychoneuroimmunology

An in-depth study of the interactions between the brain and the immune system. Students will examine the impact of psychological experience on susceptibility to illness as well as the biological processes that underlie this influence. We will also consider the ways in which our bodies' responses to illness affect our emotions, cognitions, and behavior. Students will have the opportunity to conduct original research in this area. As part of the Critical Reasoning and Analytical Skills Initiative, this course will emphasize focused examination of the process of conducting research in this area: developing and testing hypotheses, interpreting data, and clear and cogent presentation of results. No knowledge of immunology is necessary. Requirements: one hour exam, a series of brief papers, seminar presentations, and oral and written presentations of research project. Prerequisites: Psychology 212 or 262, or permission of instructor. Empirical Project (This course is part of the Critical Reasoning and Analytical Skills initiative.)