MUS 102 The Language of Music: An Introduction (Not offered 1999-2000)

Intended for the non-major who is interested in aspects of musical notation and analysis. This course is designed for those who want to receive musical literacy-to read musical notation for performance and to read musical scores. It is not a course in singing or playing a musical instrument. It should not be elected by those who wish a historical introduction to music (they should select Music 101) or those who wish to refine skills especially in ear-training and hearing (they should elect Music 103). The course will deal with matters of scales, intervals, and tonality ("key"); notation of meter and rhythm; tempo; orchestration (for score reading); and the concept of musical structure and form. Students should count on individual growth as the main measurement for grade, based upon individual quizzes as well as class participation. There will be some written assignments (especially dealing with musical form) and a final exam. Two lectures per week. Music 102 is not open to those students who have completed Music 103 but is open to those who have completed Music 101.