The Three Roosevelts

Patrician Leaders who Transformed America

James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn


"Excellent...Burns and Dunn...succeed in approaching their subjects with grace, respect, and insight. In the end, they do great justice to three remarkable lives superbly lived."


In war and in peace, the twentieth century was the Roosevelt century. From Theodore Roosevelt's Square Deal and battles with the plutocrats of the Gilded Age, to Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal and wartime leadership, to Eleanor Roosevelt's pivotal work on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and vital role in the Civil Rights movement, their crusades dramatically reshaped the political and moral landscape of our nation.

In The Three Roosevelts, Pulitzer Prize- and National Book Award-winning author James MacGregor Burns and acclaimed historian Susan Dunn brilliantly illuminate the intertwining lives of these leaders, who emerged from the closed society of New York's wealthy Knickerbocker elite to become America's most powerful advocates for social and economic justice. As Burns and Dunn follow the evolution of the Roosevelt political philosophy, they explore how Theodore's example of dynamic leadership would inspire the careers of his distant cousin Franklin and his niece Eleanor.

Full of probing insight and compelling drama, The Three Roosevelts is a gripping narrative of three of America's greatest leaders, who together forged a progressive political legacy that reverberated throughout the world.

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