Oakley Center Fellows (2019-2020)

Full Year Fellows

  • Sarah Allen, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, "Reliving the Past: Constructing History and Memory through Anecdote in Medieval China"
  • Amy Holzapfel, Professor of Theatre, "Playing the Demos: Choruses in Twenty-First Century Performing Arts & Publics"
  • Francis Oakley (Senior Fellow), President Emeritus and Edward Dorr Griffin Emeritus Professor of the History of Ideas; Professor Oakley recently completed a reinterpretation of the history of political thought from late antiquity to the mid-seventeenth century; the three volume series is titled: "The Emergence of Western Political Thought in the Latin Middle Ages". Yale University Press published volume one in 2010 with the title: "Empty Bottles of Gentilism: Kingship and the Divine in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (to 1050)." The second volume was releases in 2012: "The Mortgage of the Past: Reshaping the Ancient Political Inheritance (1050-1300)." The third volume, "The Watershed of Modern Politics: Law, Virtue, Kingship, and Consent (1300-1650)" was published in 2015. Professor Oakley's memoir, "Far from the Cast Iron Shore," was published in 2018.
  • Kirsten Scheid, Associate Professor of Anthropologys, American University of Beirut, and Clark-Oakley Fellow, "Palestinian Picassos: Aesthetic Subjects and Visual Objections, 1988-2018"
  • Justin Shaddock, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, "Hylomorphism in Kant's Ethical Theory"

Fall 2019 Fellows

  • Isabelle Devereaux ’20, Art History, Ruchman Student Fellow; "Rethinking Consumption: Ways of Knowing in 90s Participatory Art"
  • Cornelius Kubler, Professor of Asian Studies, "A Guide to Chinese Languages and Dialects"
  • W. Anthony Sheppard, Professor of Music, "The Performer's Voice: Timbre and Expression in Twentieth-Century Vocal Music"

Spring 2020 Fellows

  • Helga Druxes, Professor of German and Comparative Literature, "Resilient Subjects: Contemporary Cinema and Fiction Confront Neoliberalism"
  • Matthew Tokeshi, Assistant Professor of Political Science, "White Voters' Responses to African American Candidates for High-Profile Statewide Office"
  • Mi Yu ’20; English, Ruchman Student Fellow; “Postmodernism and Chinese Science Fiction"

Spring 2014 Ruchman Fellow Jacob Addelson '14 presents his work to the Ruchman Family (Fellowship benefactors) and Oakley Center Fellows.


Previous Clark-Oakley Humanities Fellows

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