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Current Weather at Hopkins Memorial Forest

Weather Station (elev. 267 m / 905 ft)
Latest readings were taken on 2017/09/24 at 10:00 AM EDT and cover the preceding 10 minutes
Average Air Temp
(°C, °F)
Average Barometer (mb)
Average Wind Speed (mph / direction) Max Wind Speed (mph) Average Solar Radiation (W/m²) Average Relative Humidity (%)
20.89, 69.60 1021
0.00 / - 2.85 474 72.40
Soil Temperature at -10cm
(°C, °F)
Soil Temperature at -80cm
(°C, °F)
Shallow Well Water Level
(ft relative to surface)
Deep Well Water Level
(ft relative to surface)
17.49, 63.48 17.16, 62.89 -5.98 -9.69
Total precipitation in the current... 10 minutes
(in, cm)
Hour (in,cm) Day (in,cm) Week (in,cm) Month (in,cm) Year (in,cm)
0.00, 0.00 0.00, 0.00 0.00, 0.00 0.01, 0.03 2.95, 7.49 37.16, 94.39

Current Wind Measurements on the Taconic Ridge

Taconic Ridge 50m MET Tower (elev. 708 m / 2323 ft)
Station is currently offline.

Photovoltaic Data at Williams College

PV arrays on Morley Science Labs and the Library Offsite Shelving Facility
Latest readings were taken on 2017/09/24 at 09:54 AM and cover the preceding 15 minutes
Fact: 1 kW equals ten 100 W incandescent light bulbs, or forty-five 22 W compact fluorescent light bulbs.
Morley Science Labs Current Power (kW) Library Offsite Shelving Facility Current Power (kW)
3.12 0.00 (data feed currently offline)
Graph and Download Data
These data are provisional and subject to revision. Data are electronically transferred to the Williams College Campus. There are occasional outages in this service.

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