Integrity Matters
Citing and Documenting
Surviving the Semester

Citing Module Recap:

  • Always cite and document other people's words, ideas, and other intellectual property that you use in your papers and that influence your ideas.
    • Plagiarism is taking other people's words and/or ideas and presenting them as your own.
    • Always use quotation marks when using exact words of an author. It is not enough to give the source.
    • When paraphrasing, do not copy author's style or wording. Even if you have a citation, such borrowing is considered plagiarism. When you paraphrase using your own words, credit must still be given to the original author for the idea.
  • There are many citation styles - always ask which style your professor prefers.
  • Always make sure you are clear on what would be considered
    acceptable group work.
  • When in doubt, ask your professor.