Integrity Matters
Citing and Documenting
Surviving the Semester

Making a Plan

  • Estimate how much time you think it will take to do your assignment and double it. This sounds a little paranoid, but chances are you've underestimated. Padding your timeline will help you deal with obstacles, like the printer dying. Besides, if you finish early you can concentrate on going out and having a good time while the rest of your classmates are stressing.
  • Break your assignment down into small parts and set mini-deadlines for yourself leading to the professor's deadline. Getting all the little pieces done will help you complete the final version on time and help you avoid stressing out as the prfessor's deadline approaches. This might sound kinda dorky, but it'll work.
  • Look over all your syllabi at the beginning of the semester and stick due dates for assignments on your calendar or computer. Don't let deadlines surprise you.
  • Attend a time management workshop or other workshop for more tips and practical ideas.