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Printing And Saving Pages

Print out or save web pages that you plan to use as sources for your assignments

One of the great things about web pages if you're a webmaster is that they can easily be changed. They can also disappear. This is not necessarily a good thing if you're planning to base part of your assignment on information that you found on a web site. Printing out of saving copies of web pages will help save you if your professor reads your paper, decides to check out your sources, and says, "Hey! This web site doesn't exist!" or "What are they talking about? The information on this page is totally irrelevant!"

If you haven't printed or saved a webpage and it disappears, try searching the Internet Archives' Way Back Machine to see if they archived the page.

True Story: Web Site Disappearing Act

"For my final assignment - which was a huge part of my grade -I had to deconstruct a web site. After I turned in my assignment, I went back to the web site that I based my entire final on - it had been completely redesigned! I did all the work without saving or printing out any pages of the site. It was a total nightmare!" (Anonymous)