Drury High School



Williams College




Instructors Mr. Kevin M Hartmann (Drury HS), Professor Enrique Peacock-Lopez (Williams College), Ms. Gisela Demant (Williams College) have organized laboratory sessions for the Drury HS Honors Chemistry students at the Williams College Department of Chemistry facilities. In our program high school students perform five chemistry experiments usually taught in the introductory chemistry courses at Williams College.

Coper Cycle Lab Manual

Organic Acids: Titration identification

Organic Acids: Report

Organic Acids: IR identification


Calorimetry: Report

Synthesis of a Co compound

Kinetic characterization a Co compound

Organic Synthesis: Aspirine

Determination of Nitrite in Processed Meat


Here are some pictures from the experiments.

September 2008 - Copper Cycle

Pictures courtesy of Marcela V. Peacock