Stuart B. Crampton
Barclay Jermain Professor of Natural Philosophy, Emeritus
Co-Director, North Berkshire Center for Religion and Science

at Williams since 1965

Current research and teaching center on the relationship of science to religion, especially the relationship of what we understand about the natural world to how we ought to live. These ideas were explored 2002-4 in the course, INTR/PHYS/REL 342: Science and Religious Experience, and were the basis for the establishment in 2005 of the North Berkshire Center for Religion and Science.

Contact Information:
Office: 023 Bronfman Science Center
Telephone: (413) 597 2247
Fax: (413) 597 4116

Williams College, B.A. 1958
Oxford University, B.A.Hon. 1960
Harvard University, Ph.D. 1964
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