The Annular Eclipse of August 21, 1998

Summary of Weather Circumstances

My understanding is that the annular eclipse was visible from Sumatra and from the east coast of peninsular Malaysia (Mersing and nearby islands), while Malacca on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia and sites on Borneo were clouded or rained out. --jmp


Jay Pasachoff's Photos of the Annularity

Jay Pasachoff's Photos from Malaysia

IOTA Expedition

Mike Harlow's Report

Joanne Edmonds and Patrick Poitevin's Report

Matthew Spriggs' Report from Vanuatu

Jacob Kapere's message in Vanuatu

Cho Sufen's report

Oliver Staiger's web page from the annular eclipse in Malaysia


A quicktime movie(1.8 MB) shows the moon's shadow as it crosses the earth at over a thousand miles and hour. The larger shadow is the penumbra and the smaller one is the umbra. The annular eclipse of the sun was visible only from locations within the umbra. People located within the penumbra saw a partial eclipse.

These movies were created by Stephan Martin using Redshift 2 (Maris Multimedia).