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2013 Total Eclipse

Gabon ? November 3, 2013

Annular Eclipse


Zeiler maps
Jubier zoomable map
Espenak/NASA map
Vojtech Rusin, Slovakia, of our science group
Tora Greve, Sweden, of our travel group

Weather Satellites

METEOSAT-10 animation
GOES-East #1
GOES-East #2
MSG satellite


Nov 4: asterisk.apod.com gallery
Nov 4: eclipse over New York City (Chris Cook)
Nov 7: eclipse from 44,000 feet (Ben Cooper)
Nov 8: eclipse from Uganda (Jaime Valinga + Institut d'Astrophysique/Paris)
Nov 11: our eclipse composite with space images
Nov 15: flash spectrum (Constantine Emmanouilidi)

Solar-astronomy movie

"Colors and Motions of the Sun," 15 min movie made at Williams College

eclipse science team:

Jay M. Pasachoff, Williams College
Allen Davis '14, Williams College
Zophia Edwards '05, Williams College alumna now at B.U.
Vojtech Rusin, Astronomical Institute, Slovakian Acad. Sciences
Marek Demianski, U. Warsaw; often Visiting Prof. at Williams College
Aristeidis Voulgaris, Aristotle U. Thessaloniki, Greece
Rob Lucas, Sydney
Michael Kentrianakis, New York
Michael Zeiler, eclipse-maps.com
Polly White, Santa Fe

The expedition was supported by the Committee for Research and Exploration of the National Geographic Society. We were greatly aided by Dr. Patrice Okouma, the head of Nommo Astronomia, the Gabon Astronomical Society; he is at the South Africa Astronomical Observatory, Cape Town.

We were accompanied by a group of 12 through A Classic Tours Collection (http://aclassictour.com) arranged by travel-agent Mark Sood.


Professor Jay Pasachoff (Jay.M.Pasachoff@williams.edu)
Williams College--Hopkins Observatory
33 Lab Campus Drive
Williamstown, MA 01267
(413) 597-2105; fax (413) 597-3200