Barus-Holley 161, MWF 10:00 - 10:50am

Professor Steven Miller (sjmiller AT, Kassar House, Room 210, 401-863-1123

OPTIONAL PASS/FAIL EXAM:  Monday, May 7th: 8 to 9:30am: MacMilan 115
FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, May 16th 2007: 2pm - 5pm: BH 141

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Linear algebra for students of greater aptitude and motivation. Recommended for prospective mathematics concentrators, and science and engineering students who have a good mathematical preparation. Topics include: matrices, linear equations, determinants, characteristic polynomials, and eigenvalues; vector spaces and linear transformations; inner products; Hermitian, orthogonal, and unitary matrices; bilinear forms; elementary divisors and Jordan normal forms. Provides a deeper and more extensive treatment of the topics in MA 52 and can be substituted for MA 52 in fulfilling requirements. Prerequisite: MA 18, MA 20, or MA 35. NOTE: I will often emphasize the computational aspects of linear algebra, with problems drawn from Linear Programming, Computer Science and Statistics.

The textbook is the fourth edition of Gilbert Strang's Linear Algebra and its Applications (ISBN: 0-03-010567-6), as well as supplemental handouts. The third edition of Strang's book seems to have almost identical material; the only problem you will have if  you use the third edition is that the HW problems are numbered differently. You can probably get by with a used third edition, but you are responsible for getting the correct HW problems; I will try and post the HW problems on the webpage.  Much emphasis will be placed on efficient algorithms. Please read the relevant sections before class. This means you should be familiar with the definitions as well as what we are going to study; this does not mean you should be able to give the lecture.

GRADING / HW: Homework 20%, Midterm(s) 35%, Final 45%. Exams are black tie optional. Homework is to be handed in on time, stapled and legible. Late, messy or unstapled homework will not be graded. I encourage you to work in small groups, but everyone must submit their own homework assignment. Some potential HW problems for the course are available here.

OFFICE HOURS: Before and after class; if possible email me ahead of time to let me know you are coming, as well as what you want to discuss.