Math 683L: Topics in Linear Algebra
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30am - 9:18am in JR 0221 (Journalism Building)
Instructor: Steven Miller: 530 Math Tower (614-292-5912)

OFFICE HOURS: Before and after class

SYLLABUS: tentative syllabus (description of class, list of topics, grading policy)


My Notes on Linear Algebra (basic linear algebra material)

Professor Strang's Linear Algebra Class Lecture Videos

Professor Brooksbank's Notes (rings, modules, ....)

Notes on Group Theory (with the intent of applying it to RSA)

Notes on Jordan Canonical Form (a couple of typos still in this: for MSWord/HTML versions, see My Notes)

Notes on the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra (Dan File, Reading Classics Working Group, Ohio State, Autumn 2003)

Notes on Random Matrix Theory (including a lot of applications to number theory, random graphs, semi-circle law)

GENERAL REMARKS: this is supposed to be a second course in linear algebra. As there is
no textbook, I have made several notes available (see the above references). Please make
sure you are familiar with all the material from my notes (sections 1 through 8, not 9). 
I have also posted some notes reviewing basic group theory, though these are geared
more towards number theory applications. In particular, the notes are written from the 
point of view of designing crypto-systems. As such, there is little review of rings. 

LaTeX AND MATHEMATICA TEMPLATES:      available here.