Introduction to Psychology
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An introduction to the major sub-fields of psychology: behavioral neuroscience, cognitive, developmental, social and personality, psychopathology, and health. The course aims to acquaint students with the major methods, theoretical points of view, and findings of each sub-field. Important concepts are exemplified by a study of selected topics and issues within each of the six areas.
Social Psychology
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A survey of theory and research in social psychology. Topics include the self, social perception, conformity, attitudes and persuasion, prejudice, aggression, altruism, interpersonal attraction, and intergroup conflict. Special attention is given to applications to politics, advertising, sports, law, business and health.
Psychology and Law
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This course deals with applications of psychology to the legal system. Relevant psychological theory and research address the following controversies: scientific jury selection, jury decision-making, eyewitness testimony, child witnesses in abuse cases, hypnosis, lie-detector tests, interrogations and confessions, the insanity defense, and the role of psychologists as trial consultants and expert witnesses. Observations of videotaped trials, demonstrations, and mock jury deliberations. Students conduct original research in the area. No knowledge of the law is necessary.

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