Integrity Matters
Citing and Documenting
Surviving the Semester

Campus Resources

The students here at Williams are dedicated to helping one another - and helping you! Take advantage of the variety of free resources available to you, as presented by students, faculty, and campus staff.

Research Help
  • The Williams College Libraries and their remarkable staff are here for you.
  • Ask a Librarian for options for getting personalized help.
  • Talk to your Professors - they are experts in their fields, and most professors hold weekly Office Hours where you can meet with them outside class.

Help Yourself

Writing and Study Help
Stress and Wellness Help
  • Peer Health - a student-run organization at Williams College that provides the Williams community with information about health and sexuality.
  • Stressbusters - held weekly and hosted by ACE
  • Health Center - professional assistance for your medical and psychological needs.
  • Your bed - get plenty of sleep! Rested students are sane and happy students!