Course title:               Math 21-499: Introduction to Undergraduate Research

Instructor:                 Steven J. Miller (Email:, Phone: 617-835-3982,  Skype: stevenmiller1701)

Greetings. The purpose of this class is to introduce you to mathematical research. There are many components to this, ranging from lectures on needed background material to discussions on how to ask a good research question to what tools and techniques can be fruitfully applied. The course will be a mix of general and individual lectures, and a lot of guided research. Students will work in small groups. For a description of possible projects and links to reading, click here.  I will be visiting several times a semester (mostly Sunday nights through Mondays); thus physical  meetings will often be every other week late Sunday and sometime Monday, with numerous additional meetings through skype, plus constant emails. Evaluation will mostly be through participation and write-ups of work. I have general ideas of some topics I want to pursue, but I prefer to not finalize the projects until I know who is in each group and what their interests and backgrounds are. Thus, you should view these as starting points of a conversation. The articles below (and in the linked document) are meant to give you a rough sense of my interests, and once you tell me what you find fascinating I'll provide more specific reading below, and some links to short video introductions.

Research Areas: See the list of projects here; this is a subset of possibilities. For more information on the areas of research, including some problem statements and links, click here.

Introductory Lectures:

Research Lectures:



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Video Introductions (subitems are research / colloquia talks): See also


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